▷ Customize your Android phone with Pokedialer

Customize your Android phone with Pokedialer

If you are a lover of Pokémon games, today we bring you an application that you must have on your Android phone.

This is Pokédialer, an application that allows you to change the phone interface (dialer or dialer) for the old Pokémon game, allowing us to enjoy calls in a different way than usual.

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Pokedialer turns calls into Pokémon battles

There are many telephone dialer or dialer applications, but few are as curious as the one we will see now.The Pokedialer application works like any other phone application, so after being installed from the Google Play Store, we will have to configure it as the default. 

As soon as it is run for the first time, it will ask us if we want to configure it as the default application for calls, simply by accepting it, it will be ready and for us to enjoy Pokémon battles while we chat .

Pokedialer interface meets all the details

What stands out about this application, at first glance, are the details based on the classic Pokémon deliveries: red, blue, yellow, gold and silver. 

Pokedialer will allow us to view the menu of recent calls, where we see the incoming and outgoing calls, the contacts and the profile, also allowing us to customize each contact.

How does Pokedialer work?

When we make a call, our chosen coach will appear on the screen walking along a route. If they answer the phone on the other side, the character will freeze, as when they challenge us to a Pokémon battle, and the call counter will appear on the screen. 

On the other hand, if we receive a call, the contact with the trainer and the Pokémon that we have assigned will appear on the screen (if we do not assign a trainer, it will be random) and the legend that the trainer wants to fight (talk). 

By accepting the call, we will launch the pokeball with our Pokémon "to fight" or we can simply flee from the battle (cut the call).

Download Pokedialer for Android

If you want to try this dialer to customize your Android phone, you can download the Pokedialer application from the Google Play Store, but to make this customization even more complete, we will leave you the classic ringtone of Pokémon fights.

→ Free download Pokedialer for android.

→ Download ringtone Pokémon combat.

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