▷ How to delete the history of words learned from keyboard on Android

How to delete the history of words learned from keyboard on Android

When interacting with our phone, the keyboard becomes essential: you have to use it yes or yes, there is no other option. Whether it's messaging, taking notes, searching the internet, tweeting, and a long list of other things you can do, you need to use the keyboard. 

What many users do not know is that the keyboard saves everything you type, names, passwords, addresses, bank accounts and other data, but it does it basically to offer you better predictions.

Fortunately, there is a way to erase the words learned from the keyboard and we will show you below.

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How to clear Android keyboard history on Motorola, Samsung, Xiaomi

The way to erase the history of a keyboard can vary, it depends on the application or keyboard you have installed. 

We are going to see below how to delete the history in the most popular keyboards, regardless of the phone model you have, the method is the same for the keyboard applications that we will see below.

How to clear all history of classic Android keyboard

If you have never installed a keyboard from the Play Store and instead you are using the keyboard that comes with your Android phone by default, what you should do is the following:

  • Go to "settings" or "config." of the phone.
  • Enter the "language" option, depending on your model it may be located within the system section, if you cannot find it, use the search engine at the top of settings.
  • Tap on "virtual keyboard" and enter the keyboard you have by default (for example Samsung keyboard).
  • Locate the option "reset defaults" and inside you will have the options to "restore default settings" and "delete custom predictions."
  • Press on both options to remove the learned words from the keyboard.

How to clear all history on Google Gboard keyboard for Android

The Google Gboard keyboard is one of the alternatives most used by Android users, it comes by default in some phone models such as Pixel or Android One. 

However, the keyboard is highly dependent on the user's personal typing and therefore provides accurate predictions and corrections, as well as suggestions for text-based content.

That is why it is necessary to erase and delete the words learned by the Gboard keyboard on your Android phone, just perform the steps below to empty the history:

  • Go to "settings" or "config" of your Android phone.
  • Enter the "language and input" section or use the search engine at the top of the screen.
  • Once inside, tap on "virtual keyboard" and go to "Gboard".
  • Find and enter the "advanced" or "advanced settings" option.
  • Finally, click on "delete data and learned words" and enter the code that appears on the screen, to finish, click on "accept".

In this way, by deleting the history of words entered on your Google keyboard, you can make sure that no one can access your personal data.

How to Easily Clear SwiftKey Keyboard History on Android

SwiftKey is another great alternative keyboard for Android. This Microsoft-owned app is also feature-rich and is known as one of the fastest keyboards on Android. 

If we use SwiftKey as our usual keyboard, these are the steps we must follow to erase its history:

  • Go to "settings" or "config" of your Android device.
  • Enter "language and input" or use the search engine to locate it.
  • Click on "virtual keyboard" and click on the SwiftKey icon.
  • In the SwiftKey keyboard menu, tap on the 3 dots located in the upper right corner of the screen and finally select "delete typing data."

As we have seen, data erasure in SwiftKey is more hidden than in other applications (such as GBoard), but once we know where it is, we can complete the process in a few seconds.

How to clear history on Samsung keyboard model A, J, S keyboards

On Samsung phones, we won't be able to make an exception either. Regardless of the model or series you have of Samsung Galaxy A, J, S, it is also possible to delete all the history of words learned on its native keyboard (Samsung Keywoard). You just have to perform these few steps:

  • Open the Settings on the phone.
  • Enter "Language and input", it depends on your Samsung phone model, you can find it under "General" or "General Administration".
  • Find and tap "Samsung keyboard" under "Keyboards and input methods."
  • Swipe until you reach the option "Predictive text", if the option is deactivated, it will not be necessary to delete the history , since no words will have been saved. But if it is activated, continue with the next step.
  • Enter the option "Reset default settings", it may vary depending on the model of your Samsung.
  • Tap on "Delete personal data" and finally, conform to delete all the history of words learned.

How to delete keyboard history on an Android Tablet

Regardless of the model or brand of Tablet you have, the steps to erase the history of learned words are exactly the same explained for an Android phone.

However, we should not only focus on erasing the history of words learned in our Android devices, to take greater security measures, it is also important to consider deleting the search history in the Android applications that we use.

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