▷ How to activate WiFi on a Laptop or Notebook without available Fn key


How to activate WiFi on a Laptop or Notebook without available Fn key

A very important problem that can arise when the keyboard of a Laptop is damaged, is access to various functions such as activating Wi-Fi with the Fn key.

If you are one of the unlucky ones with this problem, in this article we will offer you some solutions that will definitely be able to activate the WiFi adapter if you have a faulty keyboard.

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Solution to enable WiFi on a laptop or notebook without the Fn key

Most of the solutions presented below were performed on a Compaq Presario Laptop with Windows operating system. 

The following solutions should also be considered for desktop computers with Windows operating system installed.

The immediate solution would be to use an external keyboard that has options of the second function or alternative function Fn.

wifi tecla segunda funcion

In case you do not have an extra keyboard that you can connect to the USB port at the moment, we recommend you try each and every one of the solutions that we will present below.

How to activate WiFi without Fn key in Windows 7, 8 and 10

If your wireless network adapter appears disabled since you start the laptop, perform the following steps to activate the Wi-Fi network adapter:

  • Enter the Control Panel from Start.
  • Then enter Device Manager.
  • Find Network Adapter and then click to expand the menu.
  • Locate your wireless network card and then right click to enable it.
  • If the Enable option is not available, it means that the network adapter is already enabled.

If it's enabled, but still doesn't show available wireless networks within range, continue with these steps.

  • Go to Start and in the search engine type Run.
  • Type services.msc.
  • In the services window, scroll down to find the WLAN Auto Config or WLAN Automatic Configuration service.
  • If the Status of the service indicates Stopped , simply tap on the Start button , then tap on apply and finally restart the computer.

If Service Status says Started , try the next solution below.

How to enable WiFi by entering the BIOS of a Laptop

To enter the BIOS you must restart the laptop and as soon as the boot screen starts you must touch the corresponding key to enter the BIOS in Windows , this varies depending on the model and brand of PC you have.

  1. Restart your Laptop and enter BIOS.
  2. Go to the Settings or Advanced tab.
  3. Locate the wireless network card, it should be listed as WLAN Devices.
  4. If WLAN Devices Disabled appears , press the corresponding key to enable it.
  5. Press F10 to save changes and exit BIOS.

After restarting the system, the WIFI should already be activated , if not, try the following solution.

Update the drivers for your wireless network adapter

To ensure that the drivers for the wireless network card are up to date, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Start and in the search box type Device Manager , then click Device Manager.
  2. Find Network Adapters and click to expand the menu.
  3. Right-click on each network adapter listed, one by one, and select the Uninstall option.
  4. After you have uninstalled all network adapters, right-click again and select Scan for hardware changes .

The adapters will be rediscovered and when the drivers are installed again, the devices will reappear in Network Connections.

If you still do not activate the wireless network, we suggest the following solution cautiously.

Activate WiFi without Fn key by modifying the network card

For this solution, what we will need is a screwdriver and an insulating tape , the same one used for electrical installation.

activar wifi sin tecla segunda funcion

After that, we will have to proceed to remove the laptop cover , for that we will have to do the following:

  1. Remove the battery from the notebook PC.
  2. Remove all the screws to remove the back cover.
  3. Locate the wireless network card.
  4. Disconnect the cable and remove the board from its slot.
  5. After being removed, cut a bit of electrical tape and block the pin indicated in the image.

placa de red wifi

After locking the pin indicated in the image, put the network adapter back into the slot very carefully so that the tape is not removed from the locked pin. He reassembles everything as it was, and proceeds to turn on the laptop.

Finally, when you turn on the laptop PC, you will automatically notice the WiFi led on , now you just have to re-scan the nearby networks to connect to your WiFi network.

However, if you think that the Internet speed works slow after performing the last step, we suggest you read ▷ How to know how many devices are connected to my WiFi .

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