▷ How to measure the real download and upload speed of the Internet

How to measure the real download and upload speed of the Internet

Knowing the speed of your Internet is essential, and it is essential to know what can be done with it. Never believe the Internet provider (ISP) when they tell you that your internet speed is faster than it should be. 

Fortunately, there are many tools today that allow you to easily verify if you are paying for the agreed speed. 

Of course, if you want to measure the actual speed of the internet, you should consider the following things. Entering a website or an application that gives you more results is not enough. 

A series of steps and recommendations must be followed to avoid false readings or measurement results that are inconsistent with the actual situation.

In addition, you must understand the meaning of each data that can be measured on your Internet. That way, you will not only realize how fast it is, but how stable it is, what its purpose is, and what it is not. 

Keep all this in mind and later we will show you how to measure the true speed of the Internet in a simple way and without leaving any loose end.

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So you can measure the actual download and upload speed of the Internet

The basic point when measuring the speed of your Internet connection is to avoid spikes or drops, which are not a reliable sample of the true speed that you will enjoy every day. 

To do this, just follow the preparations shown below:

  • Stop uploading and downloading files: these file streams make all the difference in internet speed. If you're not downloading or uploading anything, make sure other people who use the Internet aren't either.
  • Disable VPN: If you are using a VPN service, it is best to disable it. Some VPNs can slow down or overload your internet connection, preventing you from measuring actual speed.
  • It also closes or cancels streaming content: during the test, no one should use the Internet to watch movies, listen to music, or play games. If your internet speed is very fast, this may not affect the test results, but it won't hurt to make this prediction.
  • Test on a device connected to the Internet using a cable: This is not required, but if you can, run a speed test on a PC or laptop connected directly to the modem using an Ethernet cable. This is the most reliable way to check your internet speed, as it can avoid router-generated connection problems that may not be the fault of the internet itself.
  • Place yourself in an area completely covered by WiFi: if you want to perform a test with a device connected to the Internet via WiFi, at least make sure you receive all the signals from the router and place it aside.

You will notice that the preparations to perform a speed test are nothing of another world, if you use common sense, these preparations are very intuitive. are you ready? So let's keep looking at how to check internet speed.

How to measure the true speed of your Internet from a PC

Now, to run an internet speed test, you don't necessarily have to use an application that allows you to do this. If you start looking, there are many online tools that can help you, but we highly recommend that you use Fast.

Why? Because it is reliable, simple, easy to use, does not require an account, and provides all the information you need to know in a clear and easy-to-understand way. Therefore, you can use this tool to test:

  • Click on the link to enter Fast.
  • As soon as you enter, it will automatically begin to perform the speed test and it will show you your internet speed on the screen.
  • To know more information about your internet speed you must click on "Show more information".

test de velocidad
como hacer un test de velocidad

After a few seconds, you will see the download speed, internet upload and ping or latency. This data is the result of multiple tests performed quickly by the tool, so you can be sure that it is reliable and is not a sudden spike or drop in readings.

How to measure the true speed of your Internet from a phone

To perform the speed test from our mobile device, you must do exactly the same:

  • Enter the following Fast link from your browser.
  • It will automatically show you the download speed on the screen.
  • Remember to tap on "Show more information" to get more data from your internet.

The internet speed test offers you three pieces of information that define the real speed of your internet:

Download speed: We see this value as the first data in large size. It is the speed at which data is received from the Internet. This is the most important indicator, because it determines the speed at which you can download files from the Internet, the quality of the video or streaming content that you can watch, the loading speed of the website, etc.

Upload speed:  It is the speed at which the data is sent to the Internet. Determine how fast you upload videos, photos, or audio to social media, or upload files to cloud storage services. Basically, this is very important for transferring files over the Internet, although it has other uses, such as streaming, lives or video calls.

Ping or latency:  This value indicates the delay you receive through the Internet. For gamers, this is a very important message, because it depends on whether they can play the online games properly. Unlike speed, the lower the ping, the better the connection.

If you think that your Internet speed is slow, you can read  ▷ How to know how many devices are connected to my WiFi.

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