▷ How to reverse video on TikTok from phone

How to reverse video on TikTok from phone

There is no doubt that 2020 was a great year for the company ByteDance, developer of TikTok, since it became the favorite application of each user. 

I admit that it happened to me like most users, we entered "just to watch" and then we began to share "funny videos" until you dare to upload your own video and you end up becoming a content creator, although without success for me.

But in the process, several unknowns arise:  How can I reverse this effect? How can I do a duet? How can I put the slow motion?

Well, without further ado we start with the first tip for video editing on TikTok.

How to put a TikTok video in reverse

One of the videos that are repeated on the platform tells you to " put this video in reverse " to see its effect that will amaze you. 

However, from the same TikTok application we do not have this function to see a video in reverse, but if you want to do it, you must perform the following steps:

  1. First download the video you want to see in reverse, for that go to the TikTok you want and at the bottom of the screen, touch the white arrow below the comments, choose the second option Save video . Ready! You already have the video.
  2. Now, to reverse the Tik Tok video, you have the option to use an editor for android but we will use the TikTok app.
  3. Go to the Create Videos option.
  4. Tap on Upload (on the right side of the record button) and select the clip that was previously saved.
  5. Now, tap on Next and then on Effects (the second button shaped like a clock) and choose Time (which is the last option).
  6. Select the first option Invert .

Ready! You can now see the TikTok video in reverse , now if you want you can save it in drafts to continue editing later or publish it (you can put it in private, only for your friends or public). 

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