▷ New version AeroInsta v18.0.2 available


New version AeroInsta v18.0.2 available

Bozkurt Hazar developer of the Instagram Mod called AeroInsta, also known as Instagram Plus , recently just released a new update of AeroInsta , and with it brings several features allowing you to customize the application itself.

You can enter the following link to find out what AeroInsta is and know all its characteristics.

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New Aeroinsta v18.0.2 update available

Before installing the new version of AeroInsta APK 18.0.2 , if you are a new user and want to try it out of curiosity, you will ask yourself the following:

Is AeroInsta safe to use?

Many people express concern by saying that using these types of mods like AeroInsta or Instagram Plus is unsafe, because they are concerned that their account could be stolen. 

This modification is only used to grant privileges to users and not to store information about them. In short, using AeroInsta is safe.

Does AeroInsta have a virus?

When a file is downloaded from the internet, it may contain some hidden malware or virus, but AeroInsta is not the case, however it is always advisable to have an active and updated antivirus, if you do not have one installed, there is always another alternative to know if an APK file has virus or not.

Main features of AeroInsta v18.0.2

With AeroInsta you can do much more in terms of privacy and personalization, such as the following:

  • Copy any comment or text that appears in the application.
  • Translate the comments within the application without having to resort to an external translator.
  • You can download any photos, videos and voice messages from the feed or DM.
  • Check and check for InstAero updates available within the app.
  • You can enlarge the profile photo of any user by pressing and holding on it.
  • You can download AeroInsta with the available themes: Dark, Gold, Red, Black, Blue, Coral Pink, Green, Light, Violet and Light Pink.
  • Themes – The beta update brings the theme feature. So you can download the themes from various resources that are only made for AeroInsta.
  • You can customize the conversation screen, main/chat screen, comment screen, home screen, notification screen and profile screen.
  • You can hide the seen in stories, photos, videos, lives and more.
  • You can add comments from the home screen.
  • You can activate the sound of the videos to play them automatically in the feed, being that by default it is paused.
  • You can easily copy and share the URL of the videos or images.
  • You can lock Instagram with a PIN or Fingerprint.
  • Ad blocking activated.
  • You can hide the typing status...
  • You can open the settings by pressing and holding the home icon.

What's new in the AeroInsta v18.0.2 update

- Added the option to activate the old comment copy-translation buttons for those who don't like the new comments menu (AeroInsta Settings > Feed > Comments section).

- Fixed login with Facebook.

- Other minor fixes and optimizations.

Changelog in AeroInsta v17.0.1

- Base version

- Added some minimal enable and disable options.

- Fixed some download issues.

- Fixed comments translation errors.

- Added new languages ​​to the translation options.

- Updated layout and other source files to reduce bugs.

Download the latest version AeroInsta available clone or unclone?

Before downloading and installing the new update of AeroInsta v18.0.2 we have 2 possibilities, Unclone to use it with our main Instagram account and Clone to use it with a secondary account. 

As well as in the same way we have to install AeroInsta of different colors that you can choose below.

To use with main account (Unclone package):

  • Uninstall the Instagram application. 
  • Activate the option "Unknown sources" from the security settings of the Android device.
  • Download the Unclone version with the colored background you want.
  • Tap the downloaded APK to start the installation. 

To use with a secondary account (Clone package):

  • Activate the option "Unknown sources" from the security settings of the Android device.
  • Download the Clone version with the colored background you want.
  • Tap the downloaded APK to start the installation. 

To update AeroInsta, you just need to download and install the same Clone / Unclone package , and then click on it to start the installation.

Download the AeroInsta v18.0.2 update and colors


Video tutorial to download and install AeroInsta v18.0.2

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