▷ How to set up quick responses on Instagram

How to set up quick responses on Instagram

One of the improvements of Instagram was to merge the conversations area with messenger, and it was not to be expected that some functions of Facebook Messenger will be incorporated into Instagram. That is why we are going to teach you how to configure quick responses on Instagram .

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Set up quick replies in Instagram chat

Before you can configure the quick responses in Instagram Direct, you must change your personal account to a professional account, and you must also verify that you have the latest update available , it is advisable to do this before going to the quick message configuration.

Then simply perform the following steps to configure it:

  • Open Instagram on your mobile phone.
  • Enter the " Direct Messages " option.
  • Get into one of the first conversations.
  • Then tap on the " + " icon.
  • Tap on the message balloon with the three dots.
  • In the saved responses window, tap the " + " button again.
  • Finally write the message that you want to use quickly, and below, add a code to use it quickly and accept by tapping on the blue check mark.
set up quick replies on Instagram

You can configure all the messages you want with the combination of keys you want, you can re-edit a created message and even delete it.

In this way, Instagram incorporates one more function , along with the functions of sharing your photos through a link , blocking direct messages , posting important comments and hiding that you are online.

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