▷ Solution to install Netflix on phones not compatible with your version of Android


Solution to install Netflix on phones not compatible with your version of Android

One of the big Netflix updates  for Android is no longer compatible with all devices running Android 5.0 (Lollipop).

There have even been reports of higher versions, this being a big problem when it comes to wanting to enjoy a good series or movie from our smartphone.

However, if you managed to download the Netflix application from the Google Play Store and days later a message appeared informing you that  this application is no longer compatible with your version of android , here we will leave you some solutions so that you can continue to enjoy Netflix and all its content.

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Install Netflix on unsupported device

Before explaining the procedure to be able to  install Netflix on any unsupported version of Android , make sure to really verify that it does not work on your cell phone by downloading the official version of Netflix App.

Solutions to install Netflix

Really verified that  Netflix is ​​not compatible with your device , one of the solutions to continue enjoying your series is to enter and log in from your cell phone's web browser, but being realistic, it is a mediocre solution.

The definitive solution to install this unsupported app is by downloading one of the compatible versions that you will find listed below. 

This version of the Netflix application is compatible with Android version 4.4 (Kit Kat) up to Android version 7.1.2 (Nougat).

In order to install it, you will have to activate either the Unknown sources option on a tablet or Android phone   and this varies depending on the version of Android you have, to be able to verify your version simply go to Settings / System.

If your android version is 7 or lower simply do the following: 

  • You must go to  Configuration or Adjustment  of the cell phone.
  • Touch on  Security.
  • Select the Unknown sources option " Allows the installation of applications not from Google Play Store".
  • Touch  OK  to confirm the change.

You can now proceed to download the options for compatible versions that you will find at the end of this article.

If your version is Android 8 or higher, the procedure is a bit more complex, since  there is no option to activate unknown sources , in this case depending on the application you use to install an APK, be it a file manager or manager. of downloads,  you will have to grant permission so that this application can install external apk .

Remember that before staying with an option, or if it does not work from the beginning, we suggest you try all the published options.

Download old version of Netflix APK for Android 

In case none of these options work for you, we offer you a new solution that even works to install applications that are not compatible on Android or that do not appear in the google play store.

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