▷ How to uninstall pre-installed apps on Android


How to uninstall pre-installed apps on Android

When we buy an Android phone, we can generally find a large number of pre-installed applications in its factory configuration, including some totally unnecessary, so it is a problem, since they occupy internal storage and cannot be eliminated.

But we will teach you a not so complicated method to delete those applications that Android phones come with by default.

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How to remove pre-installed apps with ADB AppControl

ADB AppControl is software available for Windows that allows the user to easily remove any application from an Android phone, even those annoying applications that are pre-installed at the factory and cannot be removed in the traditional way. 

In addition it also allows you to clean the "Bloatware", install APK files and more in a few clicks.

The software developed by Cyber.Cat facilitates the user through an intuitive interface, so it will not be necessary to use commands or ADB codes to perform different tasks. 

The software can detail a list of applications installed on your Android phone, allowing you to manually manage each one or as a group. 

How to use ADB AppControl on PC

To use ADB AppControl, it is first necessary to have ADB installed and running on the PC, then follow the steps below to delete the pre-installed applications:

  • Download and install ADB AppControl from the official website.
  • Activate USB Debugging on your Adroid phone. For that you must activate the developer options.
  • On the PC, run the ADB AppControl program, click the language icon to switch to Spanish, and connect your phone with the USB cable.
  • On the phone screen, accept the permission for USB debugging.
  • Accept the installation of ACBridge on your Android phone.
  • Again on the PC, within ADB AppControl we must see a list with all the applications, if none appear, simply touch the update icon.
  • You can choose to view the list of system applications, installed by the user, disabled, or all in general.
  • Locate the default apps you want to delete and right-click each app to remove them. You can also mark several apps and delete them from the sidebar where it says "Select".
  • You have to be very careful when removing apps from the system - although they don't actually disappear from the phone (installation only), removing them can cause the phone to malfunction. Remove apps that can be safely removed.

If you want to remove bulk bloatware from your phone just click on "Verify and remove" on the right hand side. Mark the level of cleaning (for superiors you have to pay), choose "Apply", specify "Uninstall" from the drop-down and click on "Apply". 

In this way, the software will eliminate all the "bloatware" or pre-installed applications that are blocked to be uninstalled in the traditional way.

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