▷ WhatsApp Plus: New update available


WhatsApp Plus: New update available

WhatsApp Plus or also known as WhatsApp + Blue is one of the most popular mods among Android users, as it is one of the first mods for WhatsApp developed by and its latest anti-ANT version works perfectly. 

Compared to the original version, it has many advantages in terms of security and privacy, in addition to sending and receiving multimedia files. 

On the one hand, it allows you to hide your online status while using the application, and it also allows you to hide the blue mark that indicates that you have read the message. 

In this sense, there are many additional functions, such as hiding the recording of video or audio messages, that is, you can hide "Manolito is recording audio ...". 

On the other hand, you can send more and larger file formats, up to 50MB. It was created by a man from Alicante and was subject to a ban that led to the appearance of a new mod.

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New WhatsApp plus v17.40.0 update available

The latest version of WhatsApp Plus v17.40.0 has different functions and has made many people use it instead of the official version. Here are some of the most prominent features:

Featured Features of WhatsApp Plus v17.40.0

  • Remove the connection status ("online"). 
  • Read deleted messages.
  • Hide the last connection.
  • Freeze the last connection (you can set the time of the last connection, which will be displayed in your contacts).
  • Hide the contact's profile photo.
  • More than 400 new emojis.
  • Add the entire theme to the interface.
  • Send large files (documents, images, video and audio).
  • Deactivate the second tick (message received popcorn). 
  • Send more images at the same time.
  • Block chats.
  • One-click music file sharing.
  • Increase privacy.

With WhatsApp Plus, you can enjoy these features, communicate with your friends and family, and customize WhatsApp to your liking.

If this is the first time that you are going to download and install WhatsApp Plus on your mobile device, you must first  make a backup copy in WhatsApp before installing the new WhatsApp Plus v17.40.0 update from the link below. 

The new version WhatsApp Plus v17.40.0 includes with it, in addition to all the corresponding functions that we know, some fixes and improvements that we will see below:

What's new and improvements in WhatsApp Plus v17.40.0

- Added Anti-View function once: Now we can open the multimedia files in a single view an unlimited number of times (Menu> WhatsApp Plus Settings> Privacy and Security).

- Fixed some unexpected crashes and closings.
- Added function Download View Once Photos / Videos.
- Added Apply fantastic theme as default.
- Fixed crash issues.
- Added function Find and join the events you like (only in Brazil).
- Added 10 awesome dynamic themes.
- Added notification of new themes available.
- Updated to the base version of WhatsApp to
- Added view once function for photos and videos.
- Added option of 24 hours for the disappearance of messages.
- Added preview of voice messages before sending them.

Changelog and features WhatsApp Plus v16.70.0

- Updated to the new base version of WhatsApp:

Changelog and features WhatsApp Plus v15.40.0

- Updated to the new base version of WhatsApp:

Changelog and features WhatsApp Plus v15.30.0

- Updated to the new base version of WhatsApp:
- Improved backup and restore function.
- New Broadcast features to schedule and forward broadcast messages.
- Added new notification bar for DND (Do Not Disturb) mode.
- Fixed bug presented in previous versions. 

Download the latest update of WhatsApp Plus v17.40.0 apk

To install the application through the APK file, you must activate the "Unknown sources" option in your Android version.

If you are one of those who distrust modified applications, for fear of losing messages, files or simply because you do not know how to install an APK, you can try this alternative to hide online and write in normal WhatsApp or even read deleted messages .

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