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Connect PS4 joystick to PC

When you connect a PS4 DualShock joystick to a PC, via bluetooth or with a USB cable, it is easily detected by default. 

The problem arises when the PC detects it as a generic gamepad, so you cannot configure the DualShock causing it to not work correctly in many games.

In some games the joystick will work with the basic buttons, leaving some buttons with important functions inoperable, but there is a way to solve this problem through software.

Generally, Windows OS is compatible with a wide variety of joysticks, including the PS5 DualSense, so you can enjoy PlayStation games on PS Now and more.

We are going to show you how to use the DS4Windows program so that the PS4 joystick is recognized by all PC games and to be able to configure all the buttons that the DualShock brings.

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Correctly configure PC4 DualShock to play on PC

The secret to making the PS4 joystick work in all PC games is to make the computer think that it is an Xbox 360 controller, the most compatible it has on the PC.

That part is done by the DS4Windows program. But before downloading and installing the software, a previous step must be taken.

Installing the driver for the Xbox 360 controller

In order for the software that connects the PC to our PS4 controller to work, we must first make the controllers compatible with it.

We need to download and install the drivers for the Xbox 360 joystick. It is very likely that Windows already has the driver and the DS4Windows software will install them as well if you do not have them.

At this point it is best to make sure we install the correct driver, so we will install the latest version manually.

  • Go to the website to download the latest current driver available.
  • Choose your operating system and click download.
  • Lastly, install the driver like any exe software on your PC.
  • Once we have the driver installed, the next step is to download and install DS4Windows.

Download and install DS4Windows

DS4Windows is a software that manages to fool the PC into believing that instead of connecting a PS4 joystick, you have connected the Xbox 360 joystick. 

Not only that, it also allows you to configure the buttons, create profiles and calibrate the sticks.

  • Download DS4Windows from this link.
  • Scroll down to the DS4Windows.zip file and click to download.
  • Unzip the .zip file and you will see that there are two executables inside. One from the updater and the other from the program itself.
  • Double click on the second installer.

DS4Windows will require that you have DirectX or .NET 4.0 installed on Windows. If it doesn't work properly, you will need to update both.

If it asks you to install the Xbox controller drivers, it is recommended that you accept and reinstall it just in case. After the process is finished, your PS4 joystick will be ready to use 100%.

Connect PS4 joystick to PC

Now you need to connect the PS4 DualShock joystick to PC, there are two ways to do it:

Connect PS4 DualShock joystick without cable

If your computer has a Bluetooth adapter, just click on the Bluetooth icon and select "Add a Bluetooth device."

Now grab the PS4 joystick and hold down the share button and the center button (to turn on the controller) for 4 seconds until the light blinks.

When the PC recognizes it and asks for a password, enter: 0000, it will detect it as a standard Wireless controller.

The other way to connect the PS4 DualShock is via the USB cable.

Connect PS4 DualShock joystick by USB cable

In case your PC does not have a Bluetooth adapter, you still have the option of connecting the PS4 joystick with its USB cable, the same one used to charge the controller's battery.

Whether you connect it via Bluetooth or USB cable, it will be recognized as a generic joystick, but this is where DS4Windows will turn it into an Xbox 360 controller.

Reason why, during the menu of each game or Windows configuration they will appear as Xbox 360 buttons, only that you will be using your PS4 DualShock.

How to use DS4Windows

To make each and every button on the PS4 controller work, it is necessary to use the DS4Windows software, as it will allow you to use all the features and functions of the DualShock 4.

To get all the buttons working, we can do it as follows:

We run the DS4Windows program and when it starts, the joystick will appear on the main screen, with the current battery status and other features.

As long as the DS4Windows program is running, you can start any game and use all the buttons on your PS4 DualShock.

From the "Tools" option of DS4Windows you will be able to reconfigure the buttons or create a profile of configuration buttons for different games you want.

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