▷ Is it worth installing an antivirus on Android phone?


Is it worth installing an antivirus on Android phone?

One of the big questions is whether or not we need to use an antivirus on Android. Usually every year there are 1 or 2 major "viruses" that attack mobile devices.

One of the most notorious recent attacks is the famous Stagefright, which once again raised the question of whether we really need to install a free or paid antivirus for Android.

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Antivirus for Android: Is it really necessary to install it?

We know that the system is safe, especially with the incorporation of Google Play Protect, but even so, there are still several computer security companies that have developed their own antivirus software for Android in Spanish, such as AVG antivirus or Avast.

That is why we want to delve into this topic, commenting on some of the reasons why it may (or may not) make sense when installing one of these solutions.

Why is it necessary to install an antivirus on Android?

Malicious applications in the form of viruses or malware developed for Android have grown by 70% in recent years. In 2020 alone, Google reported internal detection data on Google Play and removed more than 700,000 apps.

Google Play's Play Protect tool can filter many of these apps, but almost every week we see how many programs developed for Android manage to bypass Google's filters and infect hundreds (at best) or billions of users.

What good antivirus can I install on Android phone?

Android antiviruses have never had a very good reputation, in part because Google's policy is to sugar-coat malware that affects its operating system.

It is usually shared as trusted data and only 30% of Android antivirus apps are authentic or trustworthy. The answer is simple, the remaining 70% are not antivirus, but fake antivirus app.

In addition to using known and trusted files from other apps to generate fake alerts, these fake antivirus apps (many on Google Play) detect less than 30% of malicious apps or none at all.

These types of software only scan outdated databases for malware, but do not actually use antivirus engines to scan program code.

On the other hand, antiviruses belonging to companies such as Kaspersky Lab, ESET or Symantec work with complete confidence for the Android phone.

For years, they have had real solutions for the Android operating system that can prevent these types of attacks. Even the brand itself is aware of this problem and is integrating standard antivirus software, as in Huawei or Samsung phones.

So the answer is...

The answer to whether it is necessary to install antivirus software on mobile devices seems to be becoming more and more obvious every day. The problem is not the probability of it happening to you, but being prepared just in case.

Google has indicated that it cannot cope with a careful analysis of each application that enters its Play Store.

The strictest filters can cause false positives for thousands of applications uploaded or updated every day in the market. The answer seems clear, but the decision is always yours.

If you still have or feel some insecurity, you can increase protection and security by installing a good free and reliable antivirus for your android device.

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