▷ The trick to upload music and lyrics in WhatsApp status that you did not know


The trick to upload music and lyrics in WhatsApp status that you did not know

As we all know, Facebook and Instagram applications allow us to share music and communicate it to our loved ones through the use of stories, but WhatsApp as the number one communication application lags behind in the possibility of adding music to its statuses.

One of the most common techniques for sharing music is to keep the Google Play music player open while recording a 15-second video by covering the camera to simulate that you are using a black background.

But we are going to teach you the trick to put a WhatsApp status with lyrics and music in your status without installing any application.

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WhatsApp trick to upload music and lyrics to your status

Today, WhatsApp statuses have become a new way to express yourself with all your contacts in real time, allowing you to share images, GIFs, videos, and even lyrics within 24 hours of posting.

However, the process to put lyrics and music in a WhatsApp status cannot be done directly from the application, so there are ways to do it by installing a third-party application, but we will teach you how to upload it without installing any app.

Tutorial to put a status with lyrics and music in WhatsApp

Everything you need to upload and share a status with your favorite music and lyrics on WhatsApp is on your phone, so you just have to follow the steps below:

  1. The first thing you should do is enter your Instagram application and touch the option to create a story.
  2. Start designing your story using a photo, image, recording or using a video that you have in your internal storage.
  3. Then you must touch the "Stickers" icon to add the "music" icon and search for your favorite song.
  4. Select the fragment of music you want to share in the status, as an optional step you can edit the type and color of the letter.
  5. You may or may not add some other stickers to add to the state design and when you're done, post the story on Instagram.
  6. Once the created story is published, you will have to open your web browser and enter the following page storysaver.net  (in case the web is saturated or down, at the end of the article there will be more alternatives to do the next step).
  7. Within the web tool, tap on the blank field and write the Instagram user without the @ (example: instead of @balmatech just write balmatech).
  8. Tap on the "Download" button, complete the capcha and wait for your story to load on the screen.
  9. Once our story appears, click again on the blue button that says "Save as Video" and a new tab will open with the video.
  10. Tap on the video and then tap on the 3 points and download it.
  11. Now go to WhatsApp and create a new status.
  12. Choose the downloaded video that should appear on the reel and post it.

It may seem like a complicated process, but you will realize that in the blink of an eye, you will be able to put music and video in your WhatsApp status without installing applications.

There is another way to download the Instagram stories you want using a version for experienced users, such as the famous Instagram Plus application available in its latest version.

Alternatives to download Instagram stories with music online

Remember that the story you want to save must be published with a public account and not a private one.

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