▷ What is a binary message on WhatsApp and how to protect yourself


What is a binary message on WhatsApp and how to protect yourself

WhatsApp allows us to share text, images, photos, audio, and more, it is an instant and easy way to communicate.

However, some people have found a way to send "prank" messages or also known as binary messages that can affect and damage the phone of those who receive them.

That is why we will teach you what WhatsApp binary messages are and what you should do to protect your phone.

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Binary WhatsApp: Everything you need to know to protect yourself

If you have never been sent a binary message on WhatsApp or a message with strange characters, then we will tell you what it is and what it is for.

As the name implies, they are messages composed of binary codes, also known as scare messages, travar messages, bomb messages, touch bombs, TravaZap or simply Crashers.

The sole purpose of these messages is to block the recipient's application, but if you open the same, the consequences can be triggers for your device.

What to do if you received a binary message on WhatsApp

If you think they sent you a binary message on WhatsApp, the first thing you should do is delete the message, regardless of whether you received it from a contact or an unknown number.

But in case you open the message and the WhatsApp app crashed or just stopped working, take the following steps to fix it:

  • Restart your cell phone.
  • Press and hold the WhatsApp icon for a few seconds to open the "application information".
  • Clear only the WhatsApp cache.
  • Open the app and delete the conversation where the binary message was sent to you and without opening the chat.

Binary messages can crash your WhatsApp or even cause all your information to be lost. Also, depending on the weight of the message, it can also cause errors on your phone.

How to know if you received a binary message on WhatsApp

It is really not very difficult to identify if you received a binary message on WhatsApp, since it is composed of a large number of zeros, ones and special characters exemplified in the image.

You can see the same in the WhatsApp preview, but binary messages are not always seen with strange characters.  

As there are different types of "scary messages", we can receive the classic message where they challenge you to touch a point, for example with the message: "If you think your cell phone is not damaged, touch here 10 times ?? <⚫>".

Being that when touching it, they caused the special characters to appear and thus managing to hang or freeze your WhatsApp.

There is also the message with a VCARD or shared contact, and what happens when you open this contact card, it contains more than 100 associated contacts and each one named with strange characters. It is very possible that one of them contains a lock code.

How to protect yourself from a binary message on WhatsApp

A binary message only affects Android phones, so if you get one and have another device, you don't have to worry.

If you have Android and it is a questionable message, before opening it from the phone application, you can do it from WhatsApp Web, since it will not be affected in any way.

Another solution for Android devices is to use an unofficial application such as WhatsApp Immune to binaries, so you will not receive any type of binary message on your phone.

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