▷ How to make Deepfake videos with the Reface application for Android


How to make Deepfake videos with the Reface application for Android

Deepfake videos are on the rise, and more and more software and applications are sweeping the Internet, as is the case with Reface.

It allows you to create deepfake videos in seconds and the results look incredibly authentic. Although the app is for fun, deepfakes can be deeply troublesome if used to falsely represent someone, especially in politics.

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about how to make videos with Reface, and the functions that this app allows us to perform.

Remember that you can use this and other web services to study machine learning, image recognition, computer vision and, of course, also to have fun.

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Reface: the app to change a face in the videos for yours

The developers at Doublicat have renamed the app Reface, in honor of the Reface AI.

Reface AI is the Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) behind the scenes. To use the application, you just have to capture your photo and choose the gif or video you want to use.

In a few seconds, the app will overlay your face on the video. It does not work perfectly and the face overlay will depend on the symmetry of your face and the video you are using.

That being said, there are so many videos and gifs on the internet, so you will always have options. This could be your application to make create those custom videos that you can use to impress your friends.

Change the face of your favorite character

Ruin reality. Surprise your friends. Paste your face to your favorite superhero, TV star, celebrity or meme, or video and share it on social media or with your friends as video, photo or GIF.

Change gender, transform faces and perform advanced facial blends with our next generation face changer. Share your creation with the world and surprise everyone with the talking heads that you create from your images with the help of the face animator.

This is what you can do with Reface:

- Swap your face for celebrities or movie characters with our amazing face swapping technology.

- Play with live face swapping, gender swapping.

- Surprise yourself with the face changer.

- Share your amazing face swap clip or funny meme as GIF or video on messengers and social media.

- Experience face swapping with new videos and GIFs posted every day.

- Use the photo animator to bring your images to life and share them with the world.

Download the Reface app to deepfake for free

The Reface application to create videos or gif with your face, is available for free in the Google Play Store as well as in the App Store , you can buy a subscription to it or settle for the free version, you only have to tolerate one ad.

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