▷ How to decrypt the content of a shortened url with Bitly


How to decrypt the content of a shortened url with Bitly

In many cases when we browse and want to download a program or file from the internet, we find a short link similar to this "https://bit.ly/3hPVjrc".

Regardless of whether the website is trustworthy, we always ask ourselves: Will it lead me to a safe download? How do I know if it won't take me to a virus page?

There are different websites that offer to shorten your urls for free, some force you to skip a few advertisements and others, like Bitly, will take you directly to the site or download you are looking for.

But if you are here, it is because you really want to know how to crack a bitly shortened url before clicking and being redirected to an insecure website.

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How to crack a shortened link with Bitly without clicking

Bitly is a free service that will allow you to shorten links to improve aesthetically it, for example from this https://en.balmatech.net/2022/01/decrypt-content-of-a-shortened-url.html we easily go to this other https: //bit.ly/3lPsqxy.

The service has a free plan to shorten up to 1000 urls and like all products, it also has a paid plan, but to be honest, the free version is more than enough for this purpose.

However, when clicking on a shortened link, nothing guarantees that it is secure. So we are going to teach you a trick to see the content of a shortened url easily.

To open the content of a link without clicking or touching the link, you must do the following:

  • Long-press on the shortened link to select it.
  • Copy the selected link and paste it in the web address of the browser without pressing OK to access.
  • Now with the link pasted in the address bar still available for editing, add the "+" symbol and then press to access

The result will be a Bitly page with the real url and below the shortened url, in this way you can already verify if a link has a virus or not before being downloaded to your mobile phone.

How safe is it to open a shortened url with Bitly?

As we mentioned before, a url can practically take you to a page full of advertising where they can affect your mobile device or pc, there are good and free services like Bitly that do not have advertising.

It is always good to keep your antivirus active and updated when browsing the internet and especially when downloading files.

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