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Where you can buy the Saitama Inu cryptocurrency

After Shiba Inu hit its all-time high for 3 days, Shiba holders have set their sights on the cryptocurrency Saitama Inu, like Shiba and veteran Dogecoin, is a crypto meme that was born thanks to the blockchain community.

Saitama is expected to develop educational solutions for the next generation of investors, making cryptocurrencies safe and easy for everyone.

According to its White Paper, Saitama will target Generation Z investors as 90% of young people are either unprepared or financially confused or frustrated.

The idea of ​​the project is to provide them with content and teach them how to use the money to invest, thus creating opportunities for wealth creation. 

To achieve this goal, Saitama Inu plans to develop its own ecosystem, which includes marketplaces, smart wallets, NFT-based launch pads, and multi-channel content platforms.

Where you can buy the Saitama Inu cryptocurrency

Unfortunately Saitama Inu cannot be bought on popular exchanges such as Binance or Coinbase, but we will still teach you how to buy Saitama without paying so much in commissions using Binance.

Buying the crypto Saitama Inu using Binance

To buy any token or crypto that is not available on your favorite exchange, we will use another platform similar to those mentioned and it will not be necessary to verify the account.

The first thing to do is register with LBank, doing this step is very simple, enter your email and click "Send" to receive a verification code.

Before the code arrives, you have to complete the capcha, after that, you will receive the email with the code to verify the registration and that you must enter in the second field marked in the image.

To finish the registration, you must click on the Sign Up button, after that you will already have your LBank account active that you can use to buy cryptos that are not available in other exchanges.

Although to fold or recharge the wallet in LBank, it is necessary to verify the account to operate, but we are not going to do it this time, since we will use another exchange to transfer cryptos without verification.

Now what we must do is buy in our Binance account the cryptocurrency XRP (Ripple) which has a Fee (transfer commission) of US $ 0.25, if you do not know what I am talking about, you can read: How to buy any cryptocurrency in Binance.

Transfer crynomoneda de Binance to LBank

Due to the saturation in some networks, the easiest way would be to transfer USDT to the LBank wallet, however, another alternative to do this, and with a minimal commission, is as follows:

Within the LBanK platform, go to "Wallet" and then click on "Place".

On the next screen, use the search engine to search for XRP, when doing so, several XRPs will appear in the results, choose the XRP only, as the image indicates, then enter deposit.

When entering, a window will pop up indicating the following: "The deposit can only be made correctly when the MEMO and the address are correct. The lack of MEMO will lead to the loss of assets", after that, tap on logging in to close the poster.

To see the address of your XRP wallet you have to click "Ok" and the address and the memo you should use will be displayed.

Now go to Binance and go to the wallet, inside spot look for XRP and click on "Withdraw". Here you have to paste the LBank XRP address and online, choose XRP.

Then you can select the amount of XRP you want to transfer and paste the LBank MEMO in the corresponding field.

Generally, the transfer can take up to 10 minutes, due to the collapse in the networks for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies.

When you have received the XRP in your LBank account, within the wallet "Place", it will be available and that is where you must click on "Trade" and choose XRP / USDT.

The market window will open where you can sell the XRP at a specific price or simply tap on the "Market" tab to sell at the current price.

Then slide the yellow circle to assign all the XRP to sell and finally click on the red button "SELL XRP".

In such a way that we have received the XRP, we are going to find the USDT in the "Place" wallet, so now we will use the search engine to find SAITAMA.

Once located, we stop with the cursor on "Trade" and click on SAITAMA / USDT.

Again on the buy / sell screen, we choose the "Market" tab, to buy at the current price, we slide the yellow circle to the other end and touch the green "BUY SAITAMA" button.

It may seem like a complicated process, but it is simpler than it seems.

How much is the Saitama Inu cryptocurrency worth today

The Saitama Inu coin had quite a significant growth in recent weeks, registering an increase of more than 8000%, so the price at this time is as follows:

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