▷ How to change the router's WiFi password from your Android phone


How to change the router's WiFi password from your Android phone

The key to our WiFi network literally has to be the most complex password that we can generate, since the idea is to prevent our neighbors or intruders from taking over the WiFi network.

Routers or modems generally come configured with a password known as "the default key", so it would not be difficult to decipher it through software or applications using a dictionary or brute force.

For this reason, we will teach you how to change the WiFi password from your cell phone, whether you have a modem or router, it is essential to do so to improve the security of your Internet.

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How to change the router's WiFi password with your Android phone

There is a general method to change the WiFi password by entering the configuration panel of your router or modem from the web browser.

But before starting, you must find out the IP or gateway of the router, generally they are and, but as there are different manufacturers and models, it can vary, so you will have to use the method below to see the IP of the router.

How to know the IP or Gateway of the router from the phone

If you don't have a PC, you can find out the IP of your router from your mobile phone without installing any application. To do so, just follow the steps below:

  • Open the "Settings" or "Settings" menu of your mobile phone.
  • Enter the "Internet and networks" options, it may vary depending on the phone model.
  • Tap on the "WiFi" option and click on the current network you are connected to.
  • Swipe until you get to "Advanced Options" and touch to access.
  • Finally, scroll a little more until you see "Gateway" or router IP (

Once you know what the IP of your router is, you have to copy it or remember it.

How to enter the router panel from your mobile device

Now that you have the IP, the next step is to access the router's administration panel, so you will have to open the web browser from the phone and in the address bar (url) paste or enter the IP as it is.

When the page loads, you must enter the username and password of the router (not to be confused with the name and password of the wifi).

If they were never assigned during its installation, the data will be found on a label that the router has attached to the bottom.

By default, the data is generally the following:

  • User: admin Password: admin
  • User: admin Password: 1234
  • User: 1234 Password: admin
  • User: 1234 Password: 1234
  • User: user Password: user
  • User: user Password: password

If you cannot log in with the data provided, we recommend reading this  alternative solution to enter a router or modem without username and password.

Change the WiFi password on the router

Once inside the router's administration panel, you will be able to change the WiFi password.

 Depending on the manufacturer of the modem or router, the interface may change, but you must locate the following option to change the key of your Wi-Fi network:

  • Network > WLAN > Security
  • WLAN > Network > Settings
  • Advanced > Wireless > Network
  • Advanced > WLAN > Settings
  • Wireless > Network > Settings

After finding the WiFi configuration section, you will see the "Network Name" field where you can change the name of your WiFi network and the other field "WPA Pre-Shared Key" that corresponds to your network password.

If you mark the checkbox, you will be able to see the key instead of the asterisks and assign a more complex password.

Once you assign a new password to your WiFi network, when you slide the screen, you will find a button where you can "Save" or "Apply" the settings.

To connect with the recently changed password, you will need to access your phone's WiFi settings and delete the network.

By doing this, you will be able to select it again and it will ask you to enter the password to connect to your network with the new assigned key.

In this way you will keep your WiFi connection secure from intruders, but if you still have doubts, you can read ▷ How to know how many devices are connected to my WiFi.

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