▷ How to easily make a Google form from your Android cell phone


How to easily make a Google form from your Android cell phone

If you want to create your own digital form, whether to conduct surveys or simply collect data, Google Forms is the first option you should think about.

With it we can easily create digital forms without complications, not only can we do it from a computer, we can also make a Google form from our Android phone.

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Create your own form from the phone with Google Forms

We are going to ignore the fact that you will need a Google account to make your form, clarified that point, today to create a form with Google, you must access the page https://forms.google.com from the web browser of the cell phone, at the moment Google Forms does not have an application to do so.

Creating a form from Google Forms

When accessing from forms.google.com it will automatically redirect us to a form where to begin, we will have to assign a title and a description to it.

At the top of the screen, we can see that we are in the "Questions" tab, where we will have the first question without a title to write, and below we will have the answer options that may vary depending on the format of the question.

While a reply is being written, you can add new replies at any time. To do this, write the options you already have and, under the last one, you will see the option to add more answers.

Instead of writing a question, the Google form allows us to put an image in its place. You can also choose to add more questions at any time.

To do this, locate the bottom menu of the screen, and then select the first option with the + symbol. By doing this, you will add a new question that you will have to headline and create your possible answers.

By default, all the questions that we add will be grouped in the same section. However, Google Forms also gives you the option to create a new section by clicking on the last icon found in the bottom menu of the screen on the right.

By tapping there, you will be able to group questions on different topics in the same quiz.

View custom form responses

To see all the responses your form received, we must go to the top of the screen and enter the "Responses" tab and we will see all the people who have responded to the form.

 In addition, in the upper central part of the screen, we have an icon of color palettes where we have customization options, previews and advanced settings to adjust the form to your needs and always control how others see it.

Submit or share your Google form

In the same way, if we touch the icon to share or send the form, it will be found in the upper central part of the screen.

Here we can send the form by mail, generate a link to share it, obtain the html code to insert it on our website, or we can even share it on Facebook or Twitter.

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