▷ How can you save your Instagram stories with music


How can you save your Instagram stories with music

It is known that from the same Instagram application it allows you to download your own stories in a simple way, but if we create a story with music, the application will allow us to save it but without the chosen song.

That is why we will teach you some methods so that you can save your Instagram stories with music on your phone.

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The trick to save Instagram stories with music

There are many reasons for wanting to download an Instagram story created with music, either to upload it to the WhatsApp status, or any other social network.

If you still don't know, there are several ways to download an Instagram story with music included, some require the installation of an application and others simply an online tool.

Next we will see the methods and alternatives to save your Instagram stories with music included so that you can do it from your Android phone.

Download your Instagram stories with music included without apps on Android

For this method we are going to use a web tool that we can access from the cell phone browser.

Before you can download your Instagram story, you must have your account configured as public, if you have it in private, you will not be able to save these stories.

Once you have defined or created the story you want to download with its music included, follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the storysaver web  , if it will be down or saturated, I will leave you more alternatives at the end of this article.
  2. In the field highlighted in light blue, write your Instagram username without the @ symbol, example: balmatech.
  3. Click on the "Download!" and if you wait a few seconds, a capcha will appear to complete.
  4. After solving the capcha you will have to wait a few seconds for the available stories to load.
  5. If you slide the screen a little more, you will be able to see the result of the stories available to download, as seen in the image.

  6. You will be able to see the amount of stories available, the approximate creation time and the duration, now click on the "Save as Video" button and a new tab will open where it will automatically begin to play.
  7. Here you have to press on the 3 dots and then tap on "Download" so that the Instagram story is saved in video format.

In this way you have already downloaded your story with music created on Instagram, so you can use it on any other network medium or simply play it from your gallery of images on Android.

If you have highlighted stories, you can also save them in the same way, first you must return to the results page where your created story is displayed and then do the following:

  • On the same page where you have the "Save as Video" button, slide a little more and you will find a section called "#Highlight stories (Archive)".
  • Click on the "Show #Highlights" button and wait a few seconds for your featured stories to load.
  • Once loaded, touch "Show Highlights" again and all the stories you have in that saved section will be displayed.
  • Then repeat the process to download the one you want by tapping on "Save as Video" and that's it.

Where are your downloaded Instagram stories saved?

By using this method, you can find the downloaded stories within the "Download" or "Downloads" folder located on the phone's internal memory.

You can also access that same folder from the web browser, by touching the 3 dots and accessing the "Downloads" option.

Download Instagram stories with music included using an app

If you search the Google Play Store, you will find infinite applications to download and save stories with music.

However, the best option we recommend to save and download Instagram stories with music is the Aero Insta mod.

Simply by being downloaded and installed, you will be able to log in with your main account or use a secondary account, then when viewing a story, you will have a button to download it in view.

Aero Instagram includes many more functions than just downloading photos, stories or publications, but you can find out in this article:  ▷ What is AeroInsta and how it works.

More alternatives where you can download Instagram stories with music

Remember that the account where you have the story that you want to save on your phone, must have it as public and in some cases the user will have to put it after the "@" thus leaving "@balmatech".

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