▷ How to install a good free Antivirus for Android


How to install a good free Antivirus for Android

If you are an experienced Android user, you will know how important security and care is when we install external applications or applications outside of the Google Play Store.

We generally resort to these alternatives for the simple fact that an application is not compatible with the Android phone or because we want to have an app that is simply not found in the Store.

After talking about whether it is necessary to have an antivirus installed on your Android phone , we are going to recommend one of the few real antiviruses that we can find in the Play Store.

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How to install a real free antivirus for Android

The safest place to download and install an antivirus for Android is within the Google Play Store, but it is not an easy task for those with little knowledge.

When we search for an antivirus, we can have many results with which most of the listed applications are usually false or simply do not meet the main objective, so we will tell you which ones you can download safely and how to configure it.

Which free antivirus should I download for Android?

The reality is that all antiviruses are paid, if we refer to having all the complete functions of the application, but as for the antivirus tool, we can find it totally free.

My recommendation when choosing a good antivirus for your phone is that they belong to the following companies: 

Logically, we must use an antivirus whose company has years and years of research in the area, so we will take ESET as an example to download and install on our Android phone.

Install and configure free ESET mobile security antivirus for Android

The procedure to configure the antivirus on your mobile device is as easy as downloading it. 

  1. First go to the following  ESET link  or search for it directly in the Google Play Store.
  2. Choose your country and language and tap on next.
  3. Check all the check boxes you want or just click Allow all.
  4. Add your email and to proceed tap Next.
  5. Ignore the offer and its premium features by tapping "Skip".
  6. Grant the necessary permissions to the antivirus.
  7. Ready, your antivirus will perform a first routine analysis.

How to remove a virus or malware detected on the phone

If the antivirus finds or detects a virus threat on the phone and it was not automatically removed, we just have to enter the application and do the following:

  • Tap on the "Antivirus" icon.
  • Then go into "Unresolved Threat".
  • Inside we will see the application or file that is infected, to eliminate it we only touch "Remove all".

In this way we will have our Android phone safe from any type of virus or malware, but there is also another alternative to know if a file or application has a virus or malware before you can download and install it on your Android device. 

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