▷ How to view a private Instagram profile without following it


How to view a private Instagram profile without following it

Instagram became one of the most used social networks, but it is mainly young people who prefer to use Instagram more than other networks such as Facebook.

Instagram offers users two privacy options, so they can configure their profile as public so that they can be shown publicly to any user, or as a private profile, where only the people you agree to follow can have access to your profile.

But although it seems false, there are some ways to access those photos in a private Instagram account.

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Alternatives to view contents of a totally private Instagram profile

To start with these alternatives to view photos or content of those private Instagram profiles, various applications can be used, but we will focus mainly on methods that do not require installing any application on our Android phone.

You can follow the person who has a private profile on Instagram

This first method, while absurd, can work in some cases. But we are so sure that using your main profile is not the original idea, so you have the option of creating a second "fake" or fictitious profile.

Creating a second Instagram account is quite useful for these cases. You can create a fake or simply commercial profile, it is more likely that that person who has your private account, will accept a request about a commercial profile instead of a personal profile that they do not know.

If you opt for a personal profile, you should consider that it has to look real, for that keep in mind the following characteristics:

  1. Use a profile photo of a person.
  2. He manages to get approximately 100 followers.
  3. Consider following multiple accounts.
  4. It is important to already have a few daily posts before submitting your application.
  5. Choose between keeping your profile public or private, keep in mind that a public profile generates trust, but instead, if you put your profile in private, you can generate curiosity and that will cause your application to be accepted.

Follow the profile of a third party

Another easy way to follow private profiles on Instagram is by following the account you want to see with the help of another account. That is, through a third-party account.

It should be noted that the person or account of a third party must follow the user that you want to track. This is a way to view photos of private accounts without them noticing your profile.

View a private profile using web tools or applications

Currently, there is no application that shows the information of a private account on Instagram.

You will only be able to observe the content or similar to be the blurred content, and the applications or web pages (such as Instaprivateviewer, Instalooker, Fototryck, etc.) will only fill your device with viruses, malware or false advertising, but fortunately, there are ways to eliminate notifications virus or advertising without installing an antivirus.

Therefore, it is recommended that you do not download or use any application or website that claims to display photos from private accounts on Instagram.

Although there are several ways to view the stories of an account on Instagram that you do not follow, you will not be able to do it with a private account.

Increase the privacy and security of your Instagram account

On the other hand, if you are the one who maintains your Instagram profile for security reasons or because you are tired of harassment, you can try Aero Instagram , an Instagram mod that not only allows you to significantly increase the privacy of your account.

You can also aesthetically configure the application, view stories, publications or videos incognito or invisible.


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