▷ How to put a transparent profile name and photo on TikTok


transparent profile picture tiktok

Experimenting with your TikTok account doing new things will definitely attract more viewers and followers to your account.

As is the case to hide or have a transparent username and complement it with an transparent photo on your profile, it is part of the current trend and this will help your audience to see your TikTok videos without being interrupted by the profile photo.

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This is how you can hide your name and profile picture on TikTok

The only function that this trick does is only to complement the privacy of your account, but we are going to start with the first part of this tutorial.

How to put transparent username on your TikTok profile

What does it take to have a transparent name on TikTok? For that, we are going to use a transparent unicode character called U + 2800, which is not visible in any text editor.

For that we are going to carry out the following steps:

  • Enter this link from your web browser.
  • Long press the white square to select it and then copy it.
  • Now open the TikTok application and go to your profile.
  • Tap on "Edit Profile" and then click on "Name".
  • Delete your current username.
  • When the field is blank, tap on the "paste" icon on your keyboard.
  • Finally, tap on "Save".

Having followed these steps, your username that is displayed at the top of your profile will be completely empty, generating doubts among the people who access your profile.

How to put a transparent photo on TikTok profile

With the same objective, to generate more curiosity in TikTok users or simply increase our privacy, we can add a totally transparent or invisible photo to our profile photo.

The steps are similar, so we will have to do the steps below:

  • You must first download the transparent photo from the following link: Transparent photo.
  • Once the transparent image is downloaded, go to your TikTok profile and go to "Edit Profile".
  • Now tap on "Change photo" and choose "Select from gallery".
  • Click on "All media files" to go to the "Download" or "Download" folder.
  • Select the transparent image and tap "Confirm".
  • Finally, tap on "Save".

You will now have your TikTok profile completely transparent in terms of photo and profile name.

However, if your intention is to improve privacy, you can read Security recommendations to prevent your TikTok account from being hacked or stolen.

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