▷ New WhatsApp Aero v9.29 update available


New WhatsApp Aero update available

WhatsApp Aero is a modified version of WhatsApp that allows you to enable many more functions than the original one. Since it offers us several advantages, such as: hiding chats, showing deleted messages or hiding those that are seen in the statuses. 

But not only that, since we will also have more customization options in terms of themes, bubble styles, among other things.

The developer Bozkurt Hazar who has also developed the Instagram Mod called AeroInsta , also known as Instagram Plus, recently just launched the latest WhatsApp Aero update available below, and in it we find several features allowing you to customize the application itself.

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Latest update WhatsApp Aero v9.29 available

If this is the first time that you are going to install WhatsApp Aero v9.11 on your Android phone, you have to make a backup of your conversations in WhatsApp correctly and save them in the internal storage, not in the cloud (Google Drive).

Remember that if you are going to update WhatsApp Aero to its latest version, it is necessary that you download the corresponding version or base to be able to restore your backup made in the previous version.

Features and main functions of WhatsApp Aero v9.29

The changes and added features of this new version of WhatsApp Aero v9.29 are detailed below:

- Fixed Google Play Protect "harmful app" erroneous alert message.

Changelog in the new WhatsApp Aero  v9.27

- Fixed major issue that caused the app to freeze.
- Fixed important problem that made the application unusable.
- Other fixes and improvements.

Changelog in the new WhatsApp Aero v9.25

- Added comment copy function for media (image/video).
- Added toast (notification) of profile picture change.
- Added ability to set "Search the web" or use Emoji for profile picture.
- Added reactions feature (long press any message).
- Added option to pause and resume voice memo recording.
- Added new privacy settings (except contacts) for Last Seen and Profile Picture.
- Fixed fake antivirus/antimalware reports.
- Fixed problem with the blue microphone icon in voice memos on the home screen.
- Fixed video call confirmation.
- Fixed not being able to click on the WA Bots menu.
- Fixed silence indicator in WAMOD row style.
- Fixed translate messages shows the copied message.
- Fixed improved anti-ban.
- Many other fixes and improvements in WhatsApp Aero

Changelog in the new WhatsApp Aero v9.22

- WhatsApp Base version has been updated to
- Fixed "Profile Details Layout" bug.
- Fixed the background errors of the styles "FM Layout – Aero IOS X 3 (IG)" and "FM Layout – Aero IOS X 4 (IG)".
- Fixed some language bugs.
- Fixed some icons.
- Fixed random crashes with cloned package names.
- Fixed the bug where you can't enter the company profile from time to time when using the Aero profile details layouts.

Changelog in the new WhatsApp Aero v9.11

- Added option to Mark as "open / seen" option to view photos / videos once.
- Added option in mass messages to send images and videos.
- Added Bulk Message Sender option (broadcasts to many groups/chats).
- Fixed "Anti-View Once" option that photos/videos would become "opened/viewed" randomly.
- Corrected the color of the name of the contact that did not take the status or the call screen.
- Fixed calls icon not showing on white themes.
- Fixed view once photos/videos not loading after "mark as open".
- Fixed message input unread counter not being centered.
- Fixed several layout bugs.
- Fixed "Read More".

Temporarily removed options:

- 5 minute status option - No longer works.
- Up to 3 MB quality for images: no longer works. Use WhatsApp stock image quality settings.
- Many other fixes and improvements.

Changelog in the new WhatsApp Aero v9.05

- The WhatsApp Base version has been updated to
- Added button to download "See images / videos once".
- Added option to view sent messages from a contact in a group (by tapping on the name).
- Fixed the Archive Chat row not showing in the group tab.
- Fixed the error in RC-TELEGRAM X conversation input style.
- Fixed the problem when wanting to archive a hidden chat.
- Fixed empty space in hidden and archived chat.
- Fix in groups with "Admin Only" still showing send message box in some input styles.
- Fixed the blocking of WhatsApp with the pattern and PIN.
- Fixed bug in some notifications.
- Correction in notification not showing for hidden Chats.
- Fixed random crash while using IG style status.
- Fixed mute icon not showing for chats in groups tab.
- Fixed option that does not work in conversation cards (multiple chats).
- Fixed hidden chats not opening on some phones.
- Fixed option "Who can call me" does not choose the contacts well.
- Fixed APK installation on Android 5.
- Fixed crash after registering a contact number on some phones.
- Changes in some icons.
- Many other fixes and improvements.

Changelog in the new WhatsApp Aero v8.95

- Added "Anti-View Once": You can view "view once" images / videos unlimited ∞ times (Aero Privileges》 Privacy》 Anti-View Once).
- Added some new icons to "Search Icon" option (added icon names: 46,47,48).
- Added some new icons to "New FAB chat icon" option (added icon names: 36).
- Fixed no more than 30 media can be sent from gallery.
- The fixed number "0" does not appear on the lock screen on some phones.
- Misc: some icons have been changed.
- Many other fixes and improvements.

Download the new WhatsApp Aero v9.29 update available


How to install WhatsApp Aero v9.29 without losing conversations

There are three versions or packages of WhtsApp Aero to download, which, if you have already been using a specific package, it is advisable to download it in order to restore your conversation.

Regarding the characteristics between the different packages, it does not change at all, it maintains the same functions and customizations.

Install com.aero package

By installing this version of the com.aero package, it will not be necessary to uninstall the original WhatsApp application, so you can keep your main phone number and use a second number with this application. However, the most stable version is the one with the package name com.wa.

Install com.wa package

This is the most stable version, it maintains all the features, but requires uninstalling the official WhatsApp application in order to install this package.

Install package com.aerolla

This package, like com.aero, does not require uninstalling the official WhatsApp app, however, it is not as stable as com.wa.

Features of WhatsApp Aero APK

WhatsApp Aero is not just any messaging application. It is a more advanced version than the original and therefore stands out among other known Mods with the following characteristics:

- Allows total customization in the application by downloading various themes for WhatsApp aero.
- Allows you to apply different types of individual fonts for each message window, with the possibility of downloading the one you like the most.
- Allows you to create new emojis and share them.
- It allows you to hide your status, the double blue check, the "online", etc.
- Allows you to send files and documents whose formats are not allowed in the original WhatsApp app.
- Allows you to see the messages that have been sent and deleted.
- Allows you to change the visual of the upper status bar, having different styles to choose from.
- It has a greater number of options to grant its own characteristics to each contact, such as their own profile photo in group chats or a new icon.

How to restore WhatsApp backup on WhatsApp Aero

If you are one of the few users who had a failure and WhatsApp messages were not restored, the solution is very simple, just follow the steps to the letter and you will be able to restore your conversations.

  1. Open any file manager on your Android phone.
  2. Enter the internal storage of the phone and locate a folder called "WhatsApp (24092021 ...).
  3. Within that same folder, select the "Backup" and "Databases" folders and copy them.
  4. Back in internal storage, change the view and sort by "most recent date".
  5. In the "WhatsApp" folder with activity for x minutes, enter and paste the two folders.
  6. Clear the cache and data of the WhatsApp Aero application.
  7. Re-enter the application and enter your phone number without pressing the "COPY DATA FROM WHATSAPP" button.
  8. Finally accept the permissions and when it is verified by SMS, you will be able to restore the backup in WhatsApp Aero.

Update WhatsApp Aero to the new version 9.29 without losing chats

If you already have a version of WhatsApp Aero, here is a video tutorial so you can update to the new version without losing your chats.

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