▷ How to fix the problem when playing the audios on WhatsApp


How to fix the problem when playing the audios on WhatsApp

he implementation of the audios in WhatsApp has streamlined the way in which we can express ourselves when sending a message, and without forgetting the new added function to accelerate the audios x 2.

But there are seldom problems when it comes to playing audio, for example, that it is heard with interference or that it is simply not heard.

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Solving problems when playing the audios on WhatsApp

If at any time a similar problem has occurred to you when having to play an audio on WhatsApp, we know how annoying and exasperating this phenomenon can be, that is why we are going to show you how you can solve it.

Whether you have the standard version of WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business, the solution to fix the audios is as follows:

  • Go to "Settings" or "Settings" of your Android phone.
  • Go to the "Applications" section installed.
  • Inside, look for the WhatsApp application and enter.
  • Once inside, you must enter the "Notifications" option.
  • We're going to focus on "Audio Playback" and tap to enter.
  • Finally, we look for the "Tone" option and deactivate it.

Performing these steps to the letter, you will have to close the WhatsApp application and when you open it again, you will be able to play the WhatsApp audios without hearing the annoying tone intervening in the conversation.

Alternative to fix WhatsApp audios that are not heard

If your problem with the voice notes in WhatsApp is different from the one we raised at the beginning, below we will detail other alternative solutions to fix the audios in WhatsApp.

Check that the multimedia volume is correctly raised

We can do it as follows:

  • We are going to press the button on the side to increase or decrease the volume.
  • As soon as the volume bar appears, we touch the lower icon to open the sound options (you can also access it from "Settings / Sounds").
  • In case of seeing any sound option with low volume, we only slide the bar to increase the volume to all the options.

In case the problem with the audios is still present in your WhatsApp, we recommend continuing with the next solution.

Force stop on WhatsApp application

This step does not require any technical skills or other computer knowledge, you just have to perform the following steps:

  • Go to "Settings" on your phone.
  • Go to the "Applications" section and enter.
  • Find the WhatsApp application and press to open the options.
  • Tap on the "Force Stop" option and then restart the phone.

Generally, by performing these steps, the application works again without any inconvenience.

But if you still have problems with the audio, pay close attention to the next solution.

Clear data and cache of the WhatsApp application

It is very important that before performing the steps below, you have to create a backup copy in WhatsApp correctly to avoid losing any type of conversation or file.

Once the copy of WhatsApp is made, you must follow the steps below:

  • Again go to the "Settings" of your Android phone.
  • Enter the "Applications" section.
  • Find and press WhatsApp to open its options.
  • Enter the "Storage and Cache" option.
  • Click on the option "Free up storage space" and "Clear cache memory".
  • Restart the phone and when you reopen WhatsApp, you will have to enter your account again.

If you have successfully backed up to WhatsApp, there should be no problem during its restoration and not forgetting to mention that the audios will play normally, as if nothing had happened.

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