▷ How to record the screen on an old low-resource PC

How to record the screen on an old low-resource PC


Many classic games like the famous Counter Strike 1.6 or GTA San Andreas work on low-resource computers, notebooks or netbooks, even if they have problems when it comes to transmitting or recording the screen.

Most programs to record the screen of a PC demand many requirements and even cause lag when recording, so I will teach you from my own experience so that you do not have to update your hardware.

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The best solution to record the screen of a PC with low resources

Before continuing, I will show you the equipment we used to carry out this tutorial, it is a netbook with Windows 10 Home operating system and with the following characteristics:

As you can see, it is a low-resource pc, which is why it occurred to me to try different programs to record the pc screen smoothly, and I got the following results:

Record low-resource PC screen with programs

Before deciding to buy a program to capture and record my computer screen, I started to download the trial version of the best known:

  • BandiCam
  • Camtasia
  • iTop Screen Recorder
  • Fraps
  • IceCream Screen Recorder
  • CamStudio

Each and every one, despite making an optimal and standard configuration, they all recorded my pc screen with lag. Even trying the OBS streaming program failed, so I decided to try some online programs.

Record low-resource PC screen with online program

After downloading and installing different programs, I broadened my search a bit and found different websites that allow you to record your pc screen online.

At the time I hesitated a bit, but I tried with a single page and it asked me to download a software, so when it was installed, I could now record the screen online.

However the result was similar, a bit of lag, invasive watermark and very poor video quality.

Record low resource PC screen without installing programs

Among so many searches that I carried out, it had not occurred to me to use the tool that Windows 10 incorporates to record the screen using only a combination of keys.

I mean the game bar that Windows 10 has built-in, so when activating the key combinations to open the tool, I got the following result:

For that and many reasons, I will show you how I can record the screen of my pc with low resources, fluid and with internal audio.

My solution to record the screen of a pc with low resources

The first thing is to open the web browser on the PC that is Chrome or Brave, after that enter the page of browser plugins or extensions.

It is important to be connected with our Google account in the browser, after that type in the search engine "chrome remote desktop" and download the one indicated in the image.

When you finish installing the plugin, click on its icon and a new tab will open with the interface so that you can perform the necessary configuration to transmit and record the screen of your old PC.

  1. Enter "Remote Access" and where it says "Configure remote access" click on the blue button that says "Activate".
  2. Assign a name to your PC and click next.
  3. Generate a PIN that has at least 6 numbers, repeat it below and touch "start".
  4. A sign will appear requesting permits where you must accept by tapping on "yes" and that's it.

The trick or the solution is in your Android phone, surely you can record the screen without difficulty and make live broadcasts to different platforms with the device.

So we are going to stream everything you see on your low-end computer, directly to the screen of your Android phone.

Now go to the phone and perform the steps below:

  1. Open Google Play.
  2. Look for the app "Chrome Remote Desktop" or " Remote Desktop Chrome " and download it.
  3. Once installed, open the app and first tap on the 3 lines in the corner of the screen.
  4. Verify that you are using the same Google account that you have on Chrome on PC.
  5. Once that is done, tap on the "Update" symbol.
  6. When you see your computer's name on the phone, press and enter the previously created PIN.
  7. Now you will be viewing everything you do on the computer directly on your phone.

You can rotate the screen to view it in full screen and adjust the size. if you want you can operate the computer from the same phone, using the touch screen as a mouse.

Now you can open your favorite game on the computer to transmit the screen to the Android phone and record it with its native app, remember that you will also record the internal sound of the pc with your phone.

If you have an application for streaming, you will be able to transmit live the screen of your low-income PC to the platform you want from your cell phone.

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