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WhatsApp lets you do almost everything from making a video call to a friend on the other side of the world, to selling or spreading products through WhatsApp statuses.

WhatsApp statuses last only 24 hours and we can decide who can see your status, we do this manually, there is a way for you to program the amount of stories you want to publish, but there is only one requirement and it is not to be a root user. 

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Schedule statuses in WhatsApp without rooting the phone easily

Surely you have heard about many applications that allow you to download other people's statuses, create or schedule messages so that they are later sent automatically.

However, no application indicates that you can program a WhatsApp status to be published automatically, although there are modules that allow you to add some extra function in certain apps but require Root privileges.

Fortunately, we will teach you the steps you must take so that you can automatically program a status in WhatsApp and as we mentioned, without having to root your Android phone.

Requirements to automatically schedule a WhatsApp status

Before starting, you must have one of these two requirements installed so that you can schedule stories on WhatsApp:

For this case, we are going to use a WhatsApp mod known as WhatsApp Aero , if you have another mod, it will surely include this function to create and schedule automatic messages.

Steps to automatically schedule a WhatsApp status

The step you must follow below is so simple that you will not need to worry about screwing up:

  1. First go to the main screen of your favorite WhatsApp mod.
  2. Tap on the 3 dots in the corner to open the drop-down menu.
  3. Now click on the "Message Scheduler" option.
  4. On the almost empty screen, you will have to tap on the "+" symbol and a screen will open to program the message.
  5. This is where the trick comes in, where it says "Contact", press and choose "My status".
  6. In "Specific hours" select the day and date that you want that status to be published.
  7. In "Message to send" you can add any text.
  8. To finish, just press the green button with the popcorn and you will have your WhatsApp status programmed.

In this way, you will only have to wait for the day and the scheduled date for your WhatsApp status to be published.

The only small problem is that it does not allow you to share anything but text with a random background color, so it is a bit annoying if you have different images or videos to share.

Until another alternative comes out, it is the best we have to program a WhatsApp status automatically.

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