▷ You can now install GCam Go 2.5 on any Android phone


You can now install GCam Go 2.5 on any Android phone

One of the best applications to take pictures with your Android phone has been updated, we always mention Google Pixel's GCam, but what about its Go version? Believe it or not, the lite version is almost as good as the standard version and has been recently updated.

It is Google Camera Go 2.5, which can be installed on any Android due to its excellent compatibility.

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What's new in the GCam Go 2.5 update for Android

GCam is known as one of the best camera apps for Android, but in this case, the Go version has nothing to envy it.

Although it is a simplified version, Google Camera Go retains the most characteristic advantages of the standard version: with excellent image processing, outstanding night mode and optimal photo processing with HDR enabled.

And to improve the bet, the latest update to Gcam Go version 2.5 is now compatible with mobile phones equipped with a second camera sensor. This is very common nowadays, especially if we are talking about Android phones instead of Android Go, then this is a huge improvement.

Now Google Camera Go 2.5 also allows you to take photos with a resolution of up to 48 MP in night mode and provide text translation through Google Lens and Google Translator. For the rest, some minor bugs were fixed and some changes were made to the appearance of the application, but these are official changes.

How to install the APK of Google Camera Go 2.5 by Greatness on any Android

If you have never installed an APK on your Android phone, you might think that it is a complicated process, but the truth is that it is very simple. Also, in the case of GCam Go APK, there are 3 versions of the application to help improve compatibility.

This is the purpose of each modified APK (including download links):

  • Google Camera Go 2.5 "lite": It is the APK with the least code modification and therefore less compatibility, although it is still very extensive.
  • Google Camera Go 2.5 "CameraGo": Its compatibility is more extensive, especially for OnePlus devices.
  • Google Camera Go 2.5 "NoAux": It is ideal for phones that have problems installing the other two versions. This limits the use of the second camera, but it is particularly useful for some smartphones like the Xiaomi. 

What should you do to install this application on your device? is:

  • Download the GCam Go 2.5 APK from one of the links above.
  • Open the APK from your mobile browser or file manager.
  • Grant the permissions to install from unknown sources or trust this source.
  • Complete the APK installation.
  • Enjoy GCam Go 2.5 on your phone.

You can simply install the GCam Go APK. Although it is not a competition for the applications that are installed by default in high-end phones, its performance when taking a picture is very good. If it is installed in low or mid-range phones, the improvement will be remarkable.

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