▷ Learn to use an Android Smartphone as if it were a Webcam


Learn to use an Android Smartphone as if it were a Webcam

For computers that do not have a built-in camera, it is possible to use a mobile phone as a webcam, which is common for desktop computers.

This will allow you to virtually participate in a meeting while watching a high-definition presentation on your computer, or use a webcam to stream or record video in a meeting-oriented application.

An example of using a mobile phone as a webcam could be playing a face on a Twitch live stream or performing the same operation on a YouTube channel recording.

With programs like DroidCam and EpocCam, you can now use your phone as a peripheral camera. Although for some purposes, it is not even necessary to install the application.

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So you can use an Android Smartphone as a webcam

Whether your laptop has a damaged built-in webcam or you don't have one available, we will show you a simple way for you to use your Android phone on a webcam.

DroidCam is called the application that will be used for this purpose. The free version is enough to turn your phone into a webcam.

But if you prefer a high definition resolution and eliminate annoying ads, you will have to buy the application.

To download the application, the first thing you should do is enter Google Play from your Android phone. After the installation is complete, visit the Dev47Apps official website to download the Windows desktop client and then install the software.

The procedure is very simple, just click "Next" to view and accept the terms of use.

During the installation a pop-up will appear requesting to install the audio driver, we simply accept it so that you can continue with the installation.

Once the installation is complete, we open the program on the computer and in the mobile application and proceed as follows:

  1. In the application look for "WiFi IP" (the first line of all).
  2. Enter the IP address in "WiFi IP" in the "Device IP" field of the client on the computer.
  3. Select the "Video" and "Audio" checkbox.
  4. Click on "Start".

The video will appear in the computer program and believe that the image comes from the webcam, which means you can use this system for video calls via Skype, Meet, Zoom Room, etc . Remember to configure the video and audio in each application.

In Windows you will not be able to close the client window while you are in a video call, instead the Android application can run in the background.

DroidCam connects the world of Linux and Windows with Android or iOS. And to make it more interesting, its version DroidCam OBS is compatible with OBS Studio, which is one of the best free recording programs.

How to use your Smartphone as a Webcam without installing programs

There is an easy and simple method that does not require the installation of third-party programs to use your mobile phone as a webcam.

It consists of accessing a chat with a video call by duplicating the session and accessing from two devices at the same time. This will prevent a program from being downloaded to the devices.

This method will be valid in systems such as Meet, Teams, Zoom, Skype, Slack or some lesser known ones such as Join.me or Anymeeting. Of course, it will also work in all chat rooms where it is possible to link or duplicate the session.

The procedure is very simple. On the one hand, a virtual session is started on the device from which you want to participate in the meeting and from which you want to view the information in the highest possible resolution.

For example, that desktop computer that doesn't have a webcam. In this session, the camera and sound option are disabled.

At the same time, the same user is connected to a camera phone. In this case, the microphone and the camera will remain open.

Disabling your computer's audio peripherals is essential if you don't want dull and annoying sound.

Wirelessly, without the need to register third-party programs and accessible to all users, it is the easiest way to use your mobile phone as a webcam.

However, this method does not work for other uses such as video recording or live streaming.

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