▷ The joker virus strikes again: these are the applications you should not download


The joker virus strikes again: these are the applications you should not download

The Joker virus or also known as the Trojan that sneaked into applications published in the Google Play Store during 2020, reappeared in other applications in the Google store.

Not long ago, Huawei users also suffered a severe blow from the Joker malware, through 10 applications within AppGallery (Huawei's official store), which were detected by the Doctor Web company.

 As reported by the technological security company Dr. Web: "our experts detected 10 modifications of Trojans of this family in AppGallery, downloaded by more than 538,000 owners of Android devices".

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Alert for Joker malware on Google Play Store again

Again the Joker virus has leaked into the Google Play Store using other applications that have already been downloaded by users.

Android security analyst Tatyana Shishkova has reported through her Twitter that a Trojan named Joker is found in several apps hosted on Google Play, including games, a text document editor and others that go unnoticed.

What are the applications infected with the Joker virus?

At least 20 applications were detected with the Joker malware, among which the following have already been removed:

- Volume Hearing Boost
- Battery Charging Animation Bubble Effects
- Flashlight Flash Alert on Call
- Easy PDF Scanner
- Smart TV Remote
- Halloween Coloring
- Classic Emoji Keyboard
- Volume Booster Louder Sound Equalizer
- Super Hero Effect
- Battery Charging Animations Battery Wallpaper
- Dazzling Keyboard
- EmojiOne Keyboard
- New QRCode Scan

However, there are still other applications available for download and that are in the process of being eliminated, so you have to avoid downloading them:

- Auxiliary Message
- Fast Magic SMS
- Super Message
- Free Cam Scanner
- Element Scanner
- Go Messages
- Travel Wallpapers
- Super SMS
- Dedicated SMS
- Super click VPN

If you happen to have some of these applications installed, unfortunately, uninstalling the app will not be enough to guarantee the security of your phone against the Joker virus.

The definitive solution, even if you don't want to read it, is to format or restore your Android phone to Factory settings, regardless of whether it means losing many files.

How the Joker virus works on the Android device

The virus works in 2 stages, and the worst thing is that it not only steals personal data, it also steals money from your bank accounts or digital wallets in real time.

Stage 1:

  • Device infection using malware to integrate into the system.
  • Identification of the country in which the terminal is located.
  • Command and Control C&C communication with hackers to a minimum, just enough to receive the encrypted configuration.

Stage 2:

  • Decrypting the DEX file - an executable file saved in a format containing compiled code written for Android - and loading it.
  • Theft of SMS messages, of the data of the person who sent us the message.
  • Theft of the contact list and device data.
  • Interaction with advertising websites to get money through the infected mobile.

You can also subscribe users to various websites where they offer some type of payment service, just like the previous variant did, so it is likely that many users will be upset at the end of the month when they have their credit card summary. credit.

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