▷ WhatsApp 2: What is it and how to download it


Not long ago on Twitter, an image with the news of a new application that would be launched in a few days called WhatsApp 2, the popular messenger with premium functions, was all the rage, appearing among the trending topics of the social network.

During the search in the comments of the tweet, we see users commenting on the improvements they would like to see in the second version of WhatsApp.

But as expected, WhatsApp, at least as far as we know, has no plans to release a second WhatsApp app or anything like that. Unfortunately it is just one more joke spread on social networks, a meme that went viral.

A fake (slightly amateurish) image says that WhatsApp 2 is 12 days away from release, and there's a gold logo on a black background.

But none of this is true. Now... should we be satisfied with the standard version of the application itself? 

WhatsApp 2 APK is FAKE

Knowing then that WhatsApp 2 is false and answering the previous question, we do not necessarily have to settle for the standard version of WhatsApp.

There are several applications known as WhatsApp Plus, Delta Yowa, GBWhatsApp, FM WhatsApp and more that are called WhatsApp Mods.

What is the best WhatsApp mod apk that you should install

A WhatsApp mod is basically an unofficial version that you can install on your Android phone to use special functions and features that you can in the original version.

Such as read deleted messages, view deleted stories, hide your online status, hide typing and more.

You can try these applications for yourself, I will leave you the 3 best WhatsApp mods in my opinion that you should download and install on your Android phone.

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