▷ WhatsApp discarded one of users favorite and most hated functions


WhatsApp discarded one of users favorite and most hated functions

We clearly know that WhatsApp is the most used and most famous messaging service in the world, this is no longer news. The instant messaging app has more than 2 billion users worldwide, but its competition is fierce.

Telegram continues to grow exponentially, while WhatsApp seeks to retain users. In this way, the company wanted to make certain modifications, one of which caused a lot of commotion in the last hours: they announced the withdrawal of a controversial function.

WhatsApp is made up of three icons to understand the status of a sent message: 

The first is a single check mark, which means that the message has been sent but the recipient is offline;

The second, a double check, means that the message was sent and received by the user;

The third is the controversial and popular double blue check mark, which indicates that the message has been sent, received and read by the user.

The purpose of the read receipt is to let other contacts know when they read or ignored your message, but if you disable this feature, neither he nor you will know whether the sent message has been read or not.

These do not apply to voice memos, because when they are played automatically, a double blue check will appear regardless of whether the read receipt is off or on.

The latter has changed due to the new WhatsApp update in version 2.21.4, which will avoid showing the double blue check when playing audio if you have deactivated the read confirmation.

The reasons for this decision of the company that belongs to Facebook are not clear, but it is speculated that it was approved to give users greater privacy and thus avoid awkward moments.

Currently, you can only view the read receipt in the app's group chat.

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