▷ Latest version of WhatsApp Plus v20.00.0 HeyMods available

Latest version of WhatsApp Plus v20.00.0 HeyMods available

WhatsApp Plus is one of the best-known WhatsApp modifications globally by Android users, since in addition to having all the features that you will know below, this version is Anti-Ban.

The developer of WhatsApp Plus is the HeyMods team, the same creators of YoWhatsApp and GB WhatsApp, so you will already have an idea of the security and privacy advantages it has.

Recently the HeyMods team has just released the new WhatsApp Plus v20.00.0 update and we will show you the steps to download and install the latest version.

WhatsApp Plus 2022 by HeyMods v20.00.0 ANTI-BAN

If you don't know WhatsApp Plus and you really want to know all the advantages of this mod, below we will detail all its features and functions that you need to know before downloading WhatsApp Plus v20.00.0.

Remember that if you are going to install this version of WhatsApp Plus v20.00.0 for the first time, you will have to make a correct backup copy in official WhatsApp so as not to lose the chats.

Main Features of WhatsApp Plus v20.00.0 by HeyMods

WhatsApp Plus will not only allow you to read deleted messages or keep your status invisible, you can also do the following:

- Delete connection status ("online").
- Read deleted messages.
- Hide the last connection.
- Freeze last connection (you can set the time of the last connection, which will be displayed in your contacts).
- Hide the profile photo of the contact.
- More than 400 new emojis.
- Add the full theme to the interface.
- Send large files (documents, images, video and audio).
- Disable the second tick (message received tick).
- Send more images at the same time.
- Block chats.
- Share music files with one click.
- Increase privacy.

In this way, the HeyMods team, developer of the WhatsApp Plus application, have been in charge of adding, correcting and improving the mod with the following new features.

What's new in the WhatsApp Plus v20.00.0 update from HeyMods

Below are all the new features and functions added in this new version of WhatsApp Plus by HeyMods for Android:

- Updated to base version
- Enabled group invite link.
- Enabled new UI for voice calls.
- Enabled direct access to the search engine for messages.

Changelog WhatsApp Plus v19.60.1 by HeyMods

- Added LivePic Widget that allows you to display your photo on the home screen of a nearby friend.
- Added Caller ID (available only for Brazil, India, Indonesia).
- Fixed various bugs in WhatsApp PLUS

Changelog WhatsApp Plus v19.40.0 by HeyMods

- Added voice changer.
- Added "Go to first message" button in the chat window.
- Added "Search images online" in the chat window.
- Added button to delete recent emoji in chat.
- Fixed various bugs in WhatsApp PLUS.

Changelog WhatsApp Plus v19.32.0 by HeyMods

- Removed FAQs page.
- Removed Relevant Settings from the conversation screen.
- Added 6 new dynamic themes.

Changelog WhatsApp Plus v19.20.0 by HeyMods

- Added new Privacy and Security options.
- Added option to hide call button in chats.
- Added option to hide FAB button.
- Added possibility to remove ads by membership.
- Fixed hiding status views.

Changelog WhatsApp Plus v19.00.0 by HeyMods

- Updated the base version
- Added "Always online" option.
- Added option "Seen" in photos and videos that are seen only once.
- Other fixes and improvements.

Changelog WhatsApp Plus v18.90.0 by HeyMods

- Updated base version.
- Improved security.

Download WhatsApp plus v20.00.0 update from HeyMods

While downloading WhatsApp Plus APK, we recommend reading below the instructions to install WhatsApp plus from scratch or to update it without losing the conversations.


How to install WhatsApp Plus v20.00.0 by HeyMods without losing chats

The installation is really not difficult, if it is the first time that you are going to install an application or APK outside of the Google Play Store, you must activate the option of unknown sources or unknown origins, after that restore the conversations.

On the other hand, if you are going to install an update for the first time, after installing WhatsApp Plus v20.00.0, do not enter your phone number, slide the screen to see a "restore" option.

Remember to make a backup before installing the update, for that open the menu and enter settings, then just tap on "Chat backup" and that's it.

How to install WhatsApp Plus v20.00.0 by HeyMods without losing chats

How to restore WhatsApp backup in WhatsApp Plus v20.00.0

Some users have difficulties when it comes to restoring conversations from the official WhatsApp to WhatsApp plus, so we will show you step by step what you should do:

  1. Open a file manager on your Android phone.
  2. Enter the phone's internal storage and locate a folder called "WhatsApp(29012022...)", usually it has the date and time of the created backup.
  3. Within that same folder, select the "Backup" and "Databases" folders and copy them.
  4. Back in the internal storage, change the view and sort by "latest date".
  5. In the "WhatsApp" folder with activity from x minutes ago, go in and paste the two folders.
  6. Clear the cache and data of the WhatsApp Plus application.
  7. Re-enter the application and enter your phone number without pressing the "COPY DATA FROM WHATSAPP" button.
  8. Finally, accept the permissions and when it is verified by SMS, you will be able to restore the backup in WhatsApp Plus.

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