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TikTok is the No. 1 application for creating and sharing short videos from your phone, where you can use an infinite number of effects and filters to improve your videos or just have fun.

The problem is that the official TikTok application comes with some restrictions for some countries, that is to say, depending on the country you are in, you will not be able to access some functions, such as knowing who is watching your profile, etc.

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TikTok Premium - Remove Geolocation Restriction and more

TikTok Premium v24.0.3 is an excellent alternative or mod for those users who do not have some features like the famous "Text to Speech" or "Who looked at your profile" activated, and even be able to use those filters that are not currently available in your region.

Being an unlocked geo-restricted mod, you'll be able to access any feature you've always wanted to try without a problem. 

You will even be able to see some events that they do in some countries like the United States and if you want, you can participate in it.

Being a TikTok APK Mod, you will be able to find the following advantages and main features.

TikTok Premium 2022 Mod Features

Below are the main features of TikTok Premium Mod v24.0.3:

  • Ads were removed from the app.
  • Watermark is removed when downloading a video.
  • Country restrictions removed (Default country USA).
  • Built-in country selector.
  • Change video save location.
  • Add custom download location.
  • Ads and Ads removed.
  • Progress bar added.
  • CPU support (armeabi-v7a and arm64-v8a).
  • Download option added to all videos.
  • Restriction overridden in Stitch & Duet.
  • Enforced region content view.
  • Support phone number/email login.

How to use TikTok Premium v24.0.3

Just like the official TikTok app, the functionality will be practically the same, being able to download videos but with the difference that you will not have the watermark. 

Access the mod menu from your profile > Settings and privacy > Change Region > Mod Settings

Anyway, there is not much to configure, since by default ads, videos without watermark, filters and unblocking will already be disabled by default.

Download TikTok Premium mod v24.0.3 APK

If you want to enjoy this TikTok mod with all the advantages active on your Android phone, just wait a few seconds and then proceed to download the APK file.

How to Install TikTok Premium Mod v24.0.3 APK

Once you have the TikTok Premium APK file downloaded, you must uninstall the one you currently have on your Android phone. After that, run the downloaded APK and proceed with the installation.

When it finishes, open the TikTok Mod app and you will find a colorful window, where it will indicate that you can change the country or region of the app from the "Mod Settings" and that you can access later from your profile > Settings and privacy > Change Region > Mod Settings to change the region again.

Problems logging in to TikTok Premium

It is important to clarify that you should not use Google account to login to TikTok mod, but if you want to use your main TikTok account, what you can do is as follows:

  1. Before uninstalling the official app, go to Profile > Settings and privacy > Manage account and here you must set an email with password for your account.
  2. Then uninstall the official app and install the TikTok mod.
  3. Tap on "Sign in" and use the same email and password to access the TikTok Mod Premium.

How to download a video without a watermark on TikTok Premium

It's really done in the simplest and least thought out way, just open a TikTok video you want to save or download without watermark, press on the share arrow, and tap on the download or save video icon.

When downloaded and accessed from the image gallery, you will notice that it does not have the watermark.

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