▷ New Fouad WhatsApp iPhone Style for Android 2022


New Fouad WhatsApp iPhone Style for Android 2022

If you don't have an iOS device and you want, like many people, to have the iPhone-style WhatsApp on your Android phone, it is possible to do so, since we will teach you how to change the WhatsApp theme from Android to the popular iPhone phone.

Change the style of WhatsApp on an Apple iOS device, with the option to use the emojis found in the iOS system and activate other settings that are only available for iPhone.

Nowadays we can find different methods and alternatives to modify the WhatsApp application, and the one that we will see next works in different versions of Android and in brands such as Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi, Huawei, Poco and others.

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New Version WhatsApp iPhone Style APK Available For Android 2022

As we mentioned before, in order to make it possible for every Android user to have the iOS-style WhatsApp installed on their phones, it is necessary to change the theme of said application to switch from Android WhatsApp to iPhone WhatsApp.

But this option is not available in the official WhatsApp application, so there are mod alternatives, where you will find this function already enabled.

Surely you wonder what is a mod?. Just as there are programs that allow you to modify a game, either by adding new skins, maps, or whatever you can imagine, there are also applications or modifications of applications for Android and iOS.

These mods are created or by fans who are responsible for adding various features and functions desired by users, such as: Read deleted messages, view or download statuses without being seen, hide chats, etc.

Although many of the features of these mods are very popular and already known among Internet users, not many know that they can change the colors of the application or simply install a theme or skin.

There are several mods that will allow you to achieve this goal, but we will indicate one of the best known to be able to convert Android WhatsApp into iPhone-style WhatsApp, and it is called Fouad WhatsApp iOS v9.21 Beta 3. 

Download iPhone style WhatsApp for Android APK 2022

First of all you must download the new version Fouad WhatsApp iOS v9.21 Beta 3 in the following link that will appear below:


How to install Fouad WhatsApp style iOS v9.21 Beta 3

If it is the first time that you are going to install the Fouad iOS WhatsApp iPhone style mod on your Android phone, it is not complicated at all, just follow the steps below:

  1. First make a backup of your chats (Settings > Chats > Backup and click on “Save”).
  2. Uninstall the official WhatsApp app or mod you are using and instead want to have the Fouad iOS WhatsApp iPhone style.
  3. If you never installed an APK, you must activate the Unknown sources or unknown sources option, it is also possible that the app or browser where you download the APK asks you to activate the "Trust this source" option.
  4. Download the package or base of the application you want to install (com.wa if you want to use your main number, com.mb to use a second number).
  5. To start the installation, tap on the downloaded APK file and follow the steps as normal to enter WhatsApp.
  6. When finished, tap on the "Restore conversations" button and wait a few seconds, in case it takes a while or crashes, close the app and reopen it.
  7. If it asks how often you want to back up to Google Drive, it's important that you choose NEVER.
  8. You can now use Fouad iOS WhatsApp iPhone style on your Android phone.

How to update Fouad WhatsApp style iOS v9.21 Beta 3

If you liked this mod and want to install the new update of it, it is very simple, depending on the base or package you have been using (com.wa, com.mb), you will have to download with the same base name.

To know which base you currently have, you must enter "Settings", then click on "Info" and you will be able to see the base you have:

com.wa corresponds to Fouad iOS WhatsApp

com.mb corresponds to MBWhatsApp

How to install an iPhone theme in Fouad WhatsApp iOS style

To install a specific theme, you must first download any of the available themes, once you unzip them, follow these steps:

  1. On the main screen of WhatsApp iPhone style, click on the 3 icons and enter the Fouad mod menu.
  2. Enter the "Themes" section.
  3. Click on "Load Themes".
  4. Navigate through the folders until you reach the unzipped one and click on the file with the theme name and .xml extension.
  5. Save the changes and you already have the WhatsApp iOS theme on your Android phone.

Highlight Features of Fouad WhatsApp iOS Style

Here are the main features of Fouad WhatsApp iPhone style mod for Android phones:

- iOS style home screen layout.
- Varieties of themes available for download.
- State privacy and the possibility of writing up to 250 characters.
- Emoji changer.
- Possibility to use 2 WhatsApp accounts on the same phone.
- Option to hide notifications.
- Possibility to send files up to 50MB.
- Video submission limit increased to 700MB.
- Possibility of not compressing photos and images when they are sent.
- Add password to chats individually.
- Hide status of "online", "writing...", "last connection" to contacts.
- Hide the "seen", "read", "status" and more.
- Customize color, type and size of writing font.
- Add filters to photos or videos before they are sent.
- Read deleted messages.
- View deleted states.
- Download states of other contacts.
- Download contact profile photos.

Those and many more customizations that you will surely discover over time.

Changes in Fouad WhatsApp style iOS v9.21 Beta 3

- Newly added Text bomb.
- Added option to change the size of the Point in line and other options (Mods/MB Preferences/Main screen/rows).
- Updated and improved design for linked devices.
- Added Navigation Bar.
- Fixed "Send message to admin" message not showing when group is locked.
- Fixed multiple languages.
- Various other fixes.

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